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Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Dry Foot Gangrene Controlled Naturally.
Foot Gangrene Reversed Naturally™
Clear-G Formula | Dietary Supplement to Stop and Reverse Foot Gangrene  

We participate in bringing to public awareness a message that could save lives:
Diabetic Dry Foot Gangrene: Testimony Diabetic Dry Foot Gangrene: Testimony Diabetic Dry Foot Gangrene: Testimony     
    "You can avoid a toe, foot or leg amputation - a debilitating, risky surgery - by preventing, halting and then reversing the progression of dry gangrene naturally."

Thousands of people have taken this message seriously. Almost every week, we hear stories from those who have been able to benefit from the natural method of restoring impaired circulation in the limbs without surgery.

Gangrene is not a disease but the end result of gradual, progressive tissue loss of part of a limb due to a cut-off blood supply. It is a common complication of diabetes and a secondary effect of atherosclerosis or severe frostbite.

What makes gangrene so frightening is that pre-gangrenous changes may continue unnoticed for weeks or even months, especially in elderly diabetic persons, until serious complications occur.

OUR MISSION: To present to all who want the knowledge a natural, safe and dependable alternative through which individuals afflicted by dry gangrene may avoid toe, foot, or even leg amputation.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine does not have all the answers. When gangrene develops, dire calls for help are often too late as medical interventions are only temporarily and minimally effective. As a result, standard treatments cost many people a foot or another leg.

Amputation can be a wise decision, even life saving at times, only if not chosen in ignorance of the natural alternatives available for treating gangrene. So it is better to do your homework now than to get stuck with the debilitating complications later.

At Full of Health, we offer you the necessary information about foot gangrene and support to help yourself, or someone you know or hold dear, to stop the progression of gangrene naturally, thus making an amputation unnecessary. Every 30 seconds, a lower limb is amputated somewhere in the world as a consequence of diabetes. And 85 percent of them could have been prevented with an adequate education of patients and their doctors.

Clear-G Formula, a complex nutritional supplement has successfully helped thousands of people around the world to stop the progression of gangrene. They are living proof that the natural treatments are valid and should be considered a preferred method of preventing and reversing foot gangrene, especially in people who suffer from diabetes and/or atherosclerosis.

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Reverse Stop the Progression of Dry Gangrene to Avoid Amputation Naturally
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